March 31, 2014 11:24 PM - Source and Video

FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ) — A dog is recovering at home after spending hours inside a sinkhole that opened up in Frederick.

Jessica Kartalija reports it took several agencies and seven hours to rescue little Samantha.

Susanne Geary was walking her 14-year-old lhasa apso Samantha Sunday afternoon when the small dog was swallowed up by an 8-foot-deep sinkhole. Making matters worse, Samantha is blind and deaf.

“I screamed, `Help! help!’ and some neighbors came out to help me but we could not get her out so of course we had to call emergency,” said Geary.

And that call prompted a huge response.

Frederick City Public Works, several fire rescues, police, Animal Control and Frederick County Advance Technical Rescue all worked to free the dog.

“We’re pumping warm air down into the hole. They tried using food to bring the dog closer to the opening,” said Fire and Rescue Chief Mike Dmuchowski.

Officials initially dug by hand but after 45 minutes used a backhoe to expedite the process.

Samantha was reportedly pacing back and forth in the hole for roughly seven and a half hours. She went to a local veterinary clinic for X-rays and is safely at home with her owner.

“She’s alive and well and ready to go,” Geary said.

In all, more than 25 rescuers worked to free Samantha.

The area around that sinkhole is being monitored by engineers and Public Works but there isn’t believed to be any threat to the surrounding homes or roads.