• Pick up and drop off 7 days a week

  • 365 Days a year

  • Including Sundays with the Holidays

        All year round and additional evening hours are added during the summer
        season to accommodate our clients.

    We will be here when you need us to be.

Reservations can be done either over the phone 301-829-8482 or by email to thedoghouseboarding@yahoo.com. If emailing please make sure you get a confirmation email as sometimes emails end up in spam and we don't see them.

If leaving your dog at a kennel just isn't an option for you, or if you have several other animals at your home that need to be cared for as well then we have an option for you. The Dog House is proud to announce that we will be offering an "VIP In-Home" pet sitting and house sitting service for our local customers. This service is best suited for homes that have multiple dogs, cats and small animals who all need to be cared for daily, in addition to some basic daily chores. For more information call us today.

When you are unable to take your pet with you send your pet on an all-inclusive vacation to The Dog House. Your pet will always be treated like our own! And, while with us they will enjoy lots of attention and time outside enjoying the country air. As a pet owner you will love and appreciate the flexibility we offer and our willingness to always accommodate our regular clients.

What's home away from home like? Well it starts with a 1/2 mile long gravel driveway that takes you for a drive in between beautiful turf fields and past one of the last remaining Tobacco Barns in Howard County. When pulling into The Dog House you will see the owners farm house to your left, complete with the wrap around porch and white picket fence. You will notice the chickens walking around and you can pop over to take a look at The Dog House's infamous pot bellied pigs Tinker and Belle. The Dog House is a small private facility that only has 16 kennels. We reserve several of those kennels for fostering dogs who are in search of a new "forever" home. The building that is now The Dog House use to be the chicken house "back in the day" when Belmont Farm was a working dairy farm. The kennel was originally built 15 years ago for rescue work but has over the past 10 years branched into what it is today. The building is heated and air conditioned so your furry friend is sure to be cool in the summer and cuddly warm in the winter. There are 2 fenced in yards attached to the building where your dogs can enjoy their time playing with others or outside relaxing by themselves. Each dog has its individual inside room, the smallest being 5x5 and the largest being 9x6 to better accommodate our very large breed lovers.

Our rates are all-inclusive which means you don't have to worry about all the added fees most other kennels charge. Every dog here at The Dog House gets treated the same. All walks and time outside in the fenced in yards is included in your nightly or weekly rate. Dogs are let out first thing in the morning one at a time in the yards to go to the bathroom. When they come back in they are put back in their room and fed. Once every dog has been out and fed then we start rotating the dogs back outside for longer periods of time, either with friends or by themselves. Worried how much it will cost you per day for us to give your dog his thyroid medicine or his arthritis medicine.....well don't because it's FREE. We won't charge you a penny more then our daily rate no matter how high maintenance your beloved friend is. All dogs are let out one last time late in the evening and then come inside to rest on blankets/dog bed you brought from home or blankets that we provide.

To ensure the safety of all pets in our care and the staff, we require all guests be up to date on their vaccinations. This is to include Distemper-Parvo (DHLPP) and Rabies. While most kennels require Bordetella The Dog House does not. Upon research we at The Dog House just don't find it necessary to put more vaccines into your pet. Bordetella is a virus and like the flu shot there is no guarantee that the Bordetella shot you give your dog actually has the strain of kennel cough that is going around. So if the shot offers no guarantee we see no need in requiring the vaccine. If you want to get the vaccine that is fine but please make sure that it is gotten 2 months prior to boarding.